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2. Who are we, the earthly people (as DNA and as Souls)? Galactic intelligence and earthly life. The future of earth.

Attending the world with the true knowledge is changing ourselves. And honoring our existence is to give greater value to our perception of the world, that the world itself.

" Cosmic responsibilityI believe that each one of our actions has a cosmic dimension. That is why the moral discipline , the benevolent behavior, and the careful discretion, constitute critical, ingredients of a happy life"  

Dalai Lama 14th in his book "Ancient world, Modern world, Ethics for the new millennium" 1999 http://www.dalailama.com/biography/books


"We are as human beings perceivers. We are an awareness. We are not objects and we have no solidity. We are boundless. The world of objects and solidity is a way for making our passage through our densities convenient. It is only a description that was created to help us. We do not forget that the description is only a description and thus, we have learned not to entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle of physicality from which few rarely emerge in a lifetime."

There is a fine difference between a thriller-obsessed pathological mind, and a realistic cautious wise mind; a fine difference between a naive idiotic mind and a highly optimistic intelligent mind. 

The author of this Blog has no direct experience or contact with any type of aliens, and the writings here have the nature of beliefs, and plausible conclusions of highest probability and internal consistency, from the writings of other authors in the web, and observable facts from nature, sciences and from the mass media and the internet. Of course the orientations of the internal consciousness, of the author play  also an important role.  Nothing written here is something that cannot be found also my too many other authors of blogs and sites in the web. And therefore the concepts and understandings that exists in this Blog is not of one only person but of many different persons and in many different times, places, religions and civilizations.

The impression that one may get from the information below about galactic intelligence and life and its relation to earthly life and civilization may be at first shocking and negative. And indeed there are some very bad news relevant to that. But good news also. It is directly understood that Alex Collier, who mainly was the first to give  this information would   feel traitor of humanity if he knew such information, if he believed  it to be true and did not communicate it to other people.
 But there are also some very good news. In fact the good news are more than the bad news. The good news are  mainly
a)       the empowering of the hope that we can and we will overcome the destructive forces that accumulate problems in and around our planetary biosphere,  (empowering through what is mentioned below as “lift-up” of the terra-formed civilizations, and the powerful intervention against tyrannical manipulations by hostile powers)

b)      The recognition that our true  DNA ancestors are already great and powerful civilizations in the Galaxy. We are DNA children of 22 Galactic races, with long history (and a time interval of civilizational memory loss).

c)         The benefits of possibly joining large groups of glorious civilizations of similar and even better spiritual principles, and values, (that include freedom, fair and benevolent collective democratic power,  respect of the free will of humans, positive empathy and love, respect  the sacred,  respect of the evolving soul consciousness etc)  , that are our DNA relatives too, and have already happier and more efficient forms of civilization. The larger the number of cooperating human beings, in the planet or among the galaxies, the more stable the validity of higher spiritual principles and values , and the mutual benefits.
Here is an early thinker of the 20th century that contributed to the contemporary people  of his time in to how to think in  planetary scale and with an optimistic perspective:
Quotes by Buckminster Fuller:
"There is an inherently minimum set of essential concepts and current information, cognizance of which could lead to our operating our planet Earth to the lasting satisfaction and health of all humanity." From Synergetics 1, The wellspring of reality.  (see also about "the world peace game" in http://www.worldgame.org/, and http://www.osearth.com/ )
Buckminster Fuller, was a global-thinker of the middle of 20th century worked so as to create a minimal system of concepts, and processed contemporary information , in cosmology, philosophy and metaphysics, physics, ecology, engineering, architecture, design  poleodomia, economics, sociology, politics, education, etc so that people in any nation, can think, feel, and act to a living that does not lead to the extinction of life on all or part of the planet Earth.

In the next posts (4-38) we will investigate, the question of the title of this post.


Every man has a right to be free from economic want of survival, from the birth until old age, regardless of working conditions. Every man is entitled equally to the cultural heritage of knowledge, of methods for health therapies, of goods services and technological achievements for survival (food, clothing, health care, education, house, transport, etc.). This of course means the basic survival allowance at all ages.

No economic oligarchy or those that “have” have any right to manipulate the majority and tose that “do not have” through the need of survival.


Not all people have good intentions for their fellowmen, and society, and thus there exist crime. Unfortunately economic inequalities create crimes. It must be tried through political and social institutions (taxes, benefits, etc.) not only reduced economic inequalities but create a system of essential and not only formal bureaucratic justice that protects every citizen or groups of citizens from injustice and crime. This includes the military defense against external enemy and criminal invasions.
3. FREEDOM OF THE HUMANS FROM THE VIOLENCE OF NATURE and those of the ways of natural life which are not in accordance with human soul consciousness and human spirit.
The cycle of blood and death, from animal to animal for food survival is something that for millennia man has tries to escape, and to shift from the jungle to a human society with mutual respect human rules, and laws with positive empathy, mercy, compassion, etc. This violence may still indirectly continue i in society, but to the extent that society is not a jungle, this means also that it is evolved. Because humans are the closest existences from the visible reality to the higher frequencies creators of life, a human is looking inside him in order to find the way of mental, spiritual and cultural development and not necessarily in the ways of the visible biological life.
Culture and psychic and scientific knowledge normally , develops so that increasingly releases each person from death and disease. It can not be accepted anywhere a hidden oligarchic scientific, genetic manipulationof the masses , in the past, present or future, of the human civilization from hidden groups, to another human civilization or society, (e.g. artificial viruses, falsification of DNA, artificial diseases and biological weapons, etc.) so as to exercise control, servitude, biological degradation, and manipulation.
5. FREEDOM OF THE SEX, COUPLES LOVE AND PARENTAL LOVE FROM violence, indirect slavery, envy, malignancy, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, manipulation and ulterior motives.
Love is a paramount experience, and must be protected.
The man should be morally and emotionally free. 
There is no more dangerous and insidious slavery of man by that from his manipulation by his emotions, desires and his weaknesses. .The emotional and moral world and how each person feels for himself, his actions and choices, that does not infringe the freedom of other people, it is perfectly within the individual's freedom of will, and not subject to control by others without mutual consent . Nor is it legitimate a direct or indirect moral emotional manipulation of the individual.
People should have the freedom of speech, oral and written, and the creative freedom of artistic expression, provided they do not violate the freedom of other people. This freedom is also directly correlated with cognitive and intellectual freedom.
No minority organization either with good or evil purposes has no right to hide from humanity, evidence from the human history, or of the history of life on earth, or observational results of natural phenomena, experimental results, or data related to the morphology of the planet internally or externally , or of other celestial bodies. Data on the knowledge of man, life, and physical reality, should not be hidden in order to retain the ignorance of the masses for easier manipulation and servitude, or for use of hidden knowledge at the expense of the many. Prohibiting research and knowledge, with different excuses is unacceptable. But also this knowledge and technology must not to be use against humans, or the life on the planet itself that humanity resides.
Societies have the inalienable right to social democratic political self-governance. It is known that the most perfect form of democracy is direct democracy, which in today's society of information and the internet, is easily feasible.
Forms of hidden oligarchies, whether of financial, or of technological nature, or other form of power that consider humanity being of two speeds, is incompatible with this principle. Humanity should not be a 2-speed civilization ie a split in to a) to the masses who have to stay in ignorance, underdevelopment, and defective, without true freedom but a fraudulently imposed illusion of freedom, and b) in a tiny minority with abundance of issued money and high hidden technology, which is not a product of discoveries of the mankind, and that this minority secretly seeks to despise, dominate, manipulate and oppress as a parasite a "sinful" majority. Cultures with such polarization, it seems to have a low rate of evolution and are usually doomed to periodic partial or total self-destruction.
Man should be free from spiritual and metaphysical systematic control and alienation and must seek the moral and spiritual truth and development within him and the humanity that he lives.
We need to seek the creation of ourself, as perception and experience, inside us and inside the human society we are living.
Not everything from the teaches of the different religions are lies or worthless, but it should be understood that religions are not the monopoly of any source of morality and virtue, and every metaphysical superiority.
Nor should religions become the vehicle, of oligarchic, moral and spiritual manipulation of the masses (violating religious freedom principles and freedom of the will, etc.) as indirect influence of such spiritual manipulations will  result, to later  manipulation of the masses by social, non-religious and hidden or not, authority minorities, and oligarchies.

1. Our Cosmic Origin

"Knowledge is not dangerous, Ignorance is not bliss" (Colin Turner)

There is a fine difference between a thriller-obsessed pathological mind, and a realistic cautious wise mind; a fine difference between a naive idiotic mind and a highly optimistic intelligent mind. 

DisclaimerThe author has no direct experience or contact with any type of aliens, and the writings here have the nature of beliefs, and plausible conclusions of highest probability and internal consistency, from the writings of other authors in the web, and observable facts from nature, sciences and from the mass media and the internet. Of course the orientations of the internal consciousness, of the author play  also an important role.  Nothing written here is something that cannot be found also by too many other authors of blogs and sites in the web. 

Here are 10 amazing artifacts since 2.8 billions years ago, that prove that intelligent life existed or had visited earth far before the Homosapience that we consider 100-150 thousand years old, and even before multicellular life was created on earth (see e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_evolutionary_history_of_life  ) Obiviously from allien visitors of advanced civilization,  billions of years ago, that were most probably responsible for transplanting life on earth. 



1) During July 2010 I was watching Lloyd Pye videos (see  video 1.and 26, 35,40) , that challenged the traditional idea that Homo-Sapience is an earthly indigenous evolution of the Neanderthal -man.  I started searching youtube for relevant videos when I fell upon the videos of Alex Collier and NASA . I put the more than 40  links of these videos and reports at the end and I advise the readers to watch them gradually but at least 60% of them. Or read his book at


2) It took me 3 weeks of 3-4 hours daily video watching to cover them all and it took me 6-10 months to start feeling comfortable with the new world-view. But the world would never be the same anymore! What was most disturbing is that most of the material by Alex Collier was there since the 80’s!

3) At the beginning I was feeling as if I was one of the few awake man in a world of millions of sleepwalkers even for simple perceptions like the moon and the salty oceans. But also I gained a new perspective of classical conspiracies approaches, like the David Icke’s insights, Satanism etc.

 I will state in a galactic scale top-down approach the 5 fundamental concepts on which is based the wakening to a new enhanced  world view  for the  political social, economic, anthropologic, civilization and  even physical reality,  events and which come out and are pre-required to follow the content of the video links below:

Here is concise table of 22 points  that compares the Cosmic Consensus Consciousness and standard  beliefs of our earthly educational system, as was discussed in the other posts in this blog.




1)All matter starts with the triad of permanent and free particles of protons , electrons neutrons. In smaller scale there is nothing but vacuum. All celestial bodies are those that we can observe with electromagnetic waves (light).
1)Physical reality, continuous deeper, than protons , neutrons, electrons, with finer such triads , of permanent, free particles.  There are many such layers of matter (Called densities or dimensions  or aethers or frequencies , the term frequency being relevant to the frequency of the spin of the triads) . We may call the reality of protons,   neutrons electrons, the 1st frequency reality. And there are many invisible to us planets, and celestial bodies, in the higher frequency material realities.(See post

2)The universe was  created by a Big Bang 13-14 billion years ago.

2) This current (not higher)  frequency visible physical reality was created 21 billion years ago, in other words all protons , neutrons electrons, were created from , waves emanating simultaneously from all from black holes for a limited time. This cosmo-sphere in a vortex motion, contracts and expands, giving the impression of big-bang creation. If we include higher frequency realities the universe is at least 21 trillion years old.

3)All that exists, is the cosmological manifold (cosmo-sphere) that we can observe with the light in astronomy.

3)All that we can observe with light is only one cosmo-sphere., in this frequency reality. There are more such , in this (not higher) frequency reality that we cannot observe with light in astronomy.
Nothing goes faster than light

4) The interior of earth is full of magma
There is no such a limitation in nature. In the same way that there is no limitation that in the air that bodies cannot move faster than the sound. As far as human biological bodies is concerned, human mammals from oxygen-breathing  biopsheres, have been recorded to travel inside spaceships, up to 4 times the speed of light. But if the human mammal body is from hydrogen-breathing  biosphere it cannot travel faster than the speed of light, because the frequency of their  bodies is lower than those from oxygen breathing biopsheres.

4) All planets, satellites and stars, from their way that are shaped and gradually cooled, are hollow inside. Earth has an interior bluish small gaseous sun. 

5) Moon is a natural celestial body, that was there, billion years ago.

5) Moon was a natural satellite of the destroyed planet in the orbit, of asteroids. But now it has been modified by other solar system civilization (Draconian Alliance), to be an artificial spaceship, and was set in orbit around earth about 9000-10000 B.C.(see posts 16)

6) The salt of the oceans is part of the natural evolution

6) There are billions of other planets with living biosphere of oxygen , like earth, but their oceans are from drinkable water. On earth an  alien civilization (Draconian Alliance)  salinated the oceans not too many  thousand years ago.(see posts 17)



7)All life  emerged from inorganic matter, and evolves in the Darwinian   way through randomness

7)Life was created, by spiritual creators  in higher frequency physical realities, and only later, by lowering of the frequency, it appeared, in this frequency  visible physical reality. Then it went one evolving also in the Darwinian way.

8) All plant, animal and human life on earth were created in the above way, exactly on earth

8)Most of the ecological life of living planets, was transplanted and transported from other living planets,. This holds also for all plant , animal and human life on earth.(see posts 6,10, 12,31)
Only the oxygen-breathing biopshere of earth is known to exist

9)The dinosaurs was a natural evolution of earthly animal life
There are 4 types of living planetary biopsheres. a) Hydrogen-breathing (which is the most common) b) Ammonia-breathing c) Methane-breathing and d) Oxygen-breathing (which is the most complicated and rare)

9)It seems that the dinosaurs were artificial animals, and artificial evolution created by the Draconian Alliance on earth, after the Permian extinction of mammals (about 220 million years ago), in an attempt to create a planetary biosphere almost only from reptiles.(see posts 10,6)

10)There is no other intelligent life in our solar system, but on earth

10)In the 3rd higher frequency reality (or 2nd aether, or 5th density reality, see post 3) there is an invisible  satellite of planet Jupiter while Jupiter is a small blue sun ( in the 3rd frequency reality). This satellite has intelligent human civilization in the 3rd frequency reality. In the 3rd frequency reality and higher frequencies , all  life there is such that , no living creature  is fed by other living creatures but all are fed from the energy of their sun.(see posts 19)

11)There is no other sentient life on earth that speaks logical language than the human.

11) Dolphins, Whales , are sentient animals, on earth, as well as all over the galaxy and their language is logical and trinary .(see posts 25)
The natural way of communication between humans is by the sound of sequences of spoken words. Telepathy is abnormal.

The natural way of communication between humans of evolved civilizations, is by sequences of telepathically transmitted and received mental 3-dimensional figures and images, as words. Verbal communication through spoken sound, is an ability, that is almost not used anymore.(see post 33)


12) Homo sapience emerged not earlier than 150-200 thousand years ago.

12)Intelligent humanoid life existed billion years ago, and interstellar travelling is proven to be known at least since 250 million years ago. Intelligent Humanoid life on earth too, existed billions and millions years ago. Homo-sapience, as particular type of mammal humanoid life , has come to earth from other constellations  like Lyra’s 
 and other sub-Lyra races of other constellations, in greater numbers, at least since 700 thousand years ago.Our current DNA is from 22 different galactic races.(see posts 6,10, 12, 14, 26, 27)

13)Most probably homo-sapience is an evolution of the primates, which is a 6 million years old animal

13)Some primates is an artificial animal created by genetic engineering , by the Dragonians (from the constellation of Dragon)



14)Money is the natural way for a society to function

14)Most advanced human mammal civilizations do not utilize money to function   internally.

15)Pharmaceuticals is the best way of medical healing

15)Most advanced human mammal civilizations do not utilize pharmaceutical  for medical healing. They utilize, energetic methods, through sound frequencies, light, and colors, besides meditation.(see posts 33,37)
Humans are considered omnivorous, and meat is 
indispensable food.

16)Human work has to be bought and sold with money.
 Humans are considered fruits eaters, and animal flesh is not part of the nutrition system.(Andromedan Alliance)

16)Human work , is not bought and sold as this would be considered form of slavery.

17)Only if you sell your work you have the right to live.

17)Every human individual in a advanced civilization, has from birth to old age death, right , for free, on the basic survival means of living.

A man who lives from his timely paid work can  inherit from the civilization only as much as his money can buy.

Inequalities are considered optimal
form of social functioning

A civilization with its century old accumulation of inventions , goods and services, normally should offer in each individual in almost all cases  more than what the individual offers with his work to the civilization, within his mortal life.

Equality is considered optimal form of social functioning, not inequality. (Andromedan Alliance)



19)Human existence, is mortal. After death there is nothing more

19)Human existences are immortals. Only the physical body dies. In advanced civilization in the 1st frequency reality an average life span is about 2000 years. In higher frequencies the life span is much longer, but also time ,counts different.(see posts 6,10, 32,33,39)

20)There is an immortal human soul, but we live only one mortal life

20)The human soul is immortal, and we live many lives, with the same evolving soul but different physical bodies, in different civilizations of various solar system.

21)There are no miracles. Humans cannot make miracles. They can make only scientific technology.

21)In higher frequencies realities, humans have the natural ability of miracles. But also in this 1st frequency visible reality, 
there is a limited ability  of rare smaller  miracles, especially by a particular minority of individuals, when the full inherited DNA is functioning.

22) Only God can make miracles. And the humans cannot. They can  only in the name of a God.

A human being can evolve spiritually only by following a God of one of the earthly religions

22)Miracles, in all frequencies realities, is an ability of the creative human existence. The higher the frequency reality the existence the more divine, and more 
Godlish”  it is.(see posts 6,10, 23,24,39)
 A human being evolves spiritually by introversion to his inner divine spiritual existence, and respecting the inner divine spiritual existence of his/her fellow individuals in his civilization, in the same or higher frequencies realities. 

The first fundamental concept is:

C1)  Life exists  elsewhere too, on planets of other solar systems of  the galaxies, as it exists on earth.  If we compare the living biosphere of earth to a starbucks or MacDonalds environment, then similar biospheres exist in different solar systems but with the same types of trees , animals  and conditions, like the above franchises. In particular there are 4-types of living biospheres in this galaxy:
a)     The hydrogen breathing H -biospheres, that are the most common
b)     The ammonia breathing NH -biospheres.
c)     The methane breathing CH4  -biospheres.
d)     The oxygen   breathing O -biospheres, that are the most biologically complex and rare.
 The planet Mars is an example of a planet that had O2-biosphere which was destroyed 69.3 million years ago. 
There was a planet (called Maldek) at the orbit where now is called the zone of asteroids (between planets Mars and Jupiter) that is believed that it had Oxygen   O2       -biosphere and was destroyed probably billions of years ago. Moon was originally one of two satelites of the planet Maldek, the other was the satelite Phobos of Mars. The earth’s O2   -biosphere is related with  this lost biosphere, that is why in secret Vedas teachings of the India and Tibet the earth is called “the young daughter of a long ago lost brother”. Andromedans told Alex Collier that earth initially was an ice-planet at an orbit closer to the orbit of Mars. All life on this solar system and on earth was brought by travelers (traders) from Lyra, Pleiades, alpha Draconis,  Zeta reticuli, Sirius A and B, Ursa major and minor, etc  from other already living planets. The very first living biospheres of planets in the galaxies were created by a civilization race called "'The Founders" or "The Creators", But this race has been advanced to very high spheres of existence, leaving  behind the living planets. The Founders knew also how to make "travelling highways" that through "gates" could send you from one galaxy to another in no-time. They used that so seed life and living biospheres to planets.  The previous mentioned civilizations that brought plants and animals in earth are not of course the Founders. Between  500 million year ago to the present time the non-Founders advanced civilizations take care and transplant the living biospheres and their plans, animals etc to other planets and living biospheres. 
In some of such biospheres there are evolutions of intelligent civilized humanoids.
If a civilizations is just awakening and is not aware of the existence of the other civilizations in the galaxy (like us hitherto) is called terra-formed.
See video 21, 42, 43 see reports 12 to 20.

The second fundamental concept is:

C2) The intelligent civilizations in the local area of  galaxies make alliances and groups according to their common values, power, DNA lineage etc. Exactly as the countries and nations in earth. There are mainly 3 groups of civilizations in this galaxy.
A)    The monstrous reptilian (non-mammal) humanoids, that live mainly in the constellation of Orion, and Dragon (and half reptilian , the Satais, at Sirius B).
B)    The majority of the (mainly mammal humanoids) civilizations of the nearby galaxies, that gather in the Andromedan Council  of 139 civilizations. Much similar to our United Nations, (or to the star federation of the star-treck science fiction serial)
C)    Some advanced mamal, and somehow more independent smaller groups of civilizations (like the Pleiadians)

Strange as it may seem to us, the space traveling in this galaxy seems to be as old as at least 4 billion  years ! And what is even more strange to us, there are archeologically discovered devices in some planets of the galaxy, of technology more advanced than the technology of  any of the current 139 civilizations in the Andromedan council.  In other words in the distant  past there were even more advanced civilizations than the current alive civilizations in the galaxy! 
The reptilian civilizations is a strange, phenomenon. (How is it possible that evolution would jump from reptiles to humanoids without the in-between evolution of mammals?). Reptilians do not seem to have evolved through  the current 4- types of biospheres, at least in their known normal states. Did they evolve in previous lost types of biospheres? Did they evolve in sick and semi-destroyed states of  the current 4 types of biospheres? Did they evolve in a different galaxy, or even cosmic-sphere?
Were they created by more advanced intelligences by genetic engineering? It seems it  remains unknown. From the above speculations I choose to believe , the first , that they evolved in a simpler type of biosphere which is now obsolete in the world. That is why whenever they go they create degradation of the biosphere, destruction, both of the planet and the possible mamal humanoid civilizations that they live there. 

The reptilians seem to believe that they rule the galaxy, but the reality seems to be different.
see reports 12 to 20.

The third fundamental concept is

C3) Our earthly human mammal civilization (called by us Homo-Sapiens) is not a pure indigenous earthly specie of humanoids, but it started coming  on earth at least about 700,000 B.C. as colonizers or refugees from other solar systems in the galaxy.
According to the modern earthly anthologists, skeletons and remains of the Homo-Sapiens individuals are found for the last 150,000-200,000 years.
It seems that many of the advanced mammal humanoid civilizations of the Andromedan Council,  are “DNA-cousins” with a common root civilization, the civilization of the constellation of Lyra. This includes our case too. So we are DNA-cousins with many advanced mammal humanoid civilizations of the Andromedan Council, and our DNA-root civilizations is that of Lyra. There are more than 300 color variations of different human mammal races in the civilizations in this galaxy! Not only the 4-colors red, yellow, black, white that we have on our planet. The Lyra civilization was occupying 14 planets , and was invaded and destroyed about 600,000 B.C. by the Draconian reptilians. The Lyran civilization was living there for at least 50 million years, and had originally come from another galaxy. As the Lyrans were partly responsible for bringing life on earth (plants, animals etc), it is also probable that they had colonized earth long before 700,000 B.C. probably millions of years earlier, but there are not easy proofs of it. The refugees, spread all around the galaxy creating since that time many great civilizations, that include Andromedans, Pleadians, Procyonand many other. The war between the reptilians and the above mammal humanoid civilizations lasted for hundreds of millennia. Now it has ceased, and no one was a complete winner. During this war the monstrous reptilians used to  eat  the  killed  in the battle enemy mammal humanoids.
 reports 12 to 20 video 40.

The fourth fundamental concept is

C4) It is not the first time (as DNA lineage) that we evolve at our current civilization level. We were more advanced  in the past on this planet.  
About 71,933 B,C, is established the collective colony of  Lemouria (Mu=mather land) in a continent in the northern part of the pacific ocean (by now lost) and in 57,600 B.C. is established the collective colony Atlantis in a big round island in the northern Atlantic ocean (by now lost). There were 22 civilizations involved in these two collective colonies, with advanced space traveling, and were more advanced by our current civilization. They are the 22 races and DNA ancestors of our current race.
Lemouria was destroyed in war in 31,017 BC, and Atlantis in 27,603 B.C. The destruction of Atlantis involved split of the atom, radioactivity, which contaminated and degraded the higher nervous centers of the few survivors, turning them to miserable primitives. The biosphere was contaminated for 22,000 years and it was only after 7,000 B.C. that somehow healthier primitive populations and descendants of the few survivors of the Atlantis time, started to make the known human history. Are the almost "super-human" wars in the  books of Mahabharata  , a reflection of the wars from the time of Atlantis?
see video 21, 42, 43.

The fifth fundamental concept is

C5) We humans, are not the only “speaking animal” or "sentient creature" on the planet earth.
We are accustomed to think that rational speaking, is the privilege of the standing on two legs humans. Wrong! It is only our ignorant arrogance that makes us think so! In the civilizations of the galaxy the Whales and Dolphins (that are exactly as we know them, but in other O2-biospheres of other solar systems in the galaxy) are honored as Sentient Animals. This means that more advanced civilizations in the galaxy have decoded the whistling of whales and Dolphins as a trinary language , and wrote in books what they say and sing. These sea mammals speak freely rationally and fluently with humans in those planets. The books that dictate to humans there, are considered as beautiful books of poems and books of philosophy! And we here on earth we just consider them as fat dumb fishes to slaughter for their meat. The Andromedan Council of the 139 civilizations of the galaxy declared that if the earthly humans lead  whales and dolphins to extinction in our planet, we will never have a place in the Andromedan Council!
Whales and dolphins originated in Cygnus Alpha. Smaller star systems which orbit around the central suns of Daneb, Sidar, Denaia and Alderia, are where they come from. The largest population of whale and dolphin life, is right there. Within this collection of smaller stars are thousands of star systems. They wanted to migrate, they wanted to explore other worlds, they wanted to add to the whale dream. Space travellers made their dream true by transporting them in other planetary O2-biospheres

The sixth fundamental concept is relevant to tracing many if not all of the satanic conspiracy engulfing our world since ancient times.

And here are two more important remarks 

R1) We  were not the only intelligent type of humanoid in the planet earth!

In about 100 km under the surface of earth (almost at the end of the solid crust) and under the continent of north America, were living about 1,833 reptilian non-mammal humanoids. They  have advanced technology, and they obey to the reptilians from the constellation of Dragon, that visit them from time to time. It is an military base. 
They live there for at least 1 million years! They eat human babies and according to the Andromedans they are responsible for 31,000 disappearance of children in the last 25 years, (information during the decade of 1990's).
Without the advanced technology of Andromedans that scan the events in the planet earth, we would not be able with our current earthly technology, to counteract their more advanced technology of camouflage when they come on the surface of the earth. Were they, when they were moving on the surface of the earth with advanced technological camouflage , the "tall  fast moving black-shadows" that many people have reported seeing? It is very probable that by now (2013) the Andromedian army has destroyed the particular 1 million years old underground base of the sub-draconian  reptilians. 

see video 21, 24,34,35,38.

R2) After the destruction of Atlantis and the degradation of humans to miserable primitives, the sub-draconian reptilians of earthly bases had tried in a systematic way the last 22,000 years , to play the role of “Gods” to the primitives. It is in this way that the human sacrifice to the “Gods” gained its  moral value. And till our current day, were responsible for many subtle evil conspiracies in our civilization.

They were not alone, as they acted in conjunction with the evil intentions from the reptilians of Orion, Dragon, and half reptilians of Sirius B.
Old stories, pictures  and myths in many cultures, Indian, Greek, Scottish etc reflect their existence. Playing the "Gods" for the primitives was easier due to their life duration that can be thousands of years.  For example the old Cretan myth of monstrous humanoid Minotaur (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minotaur) that required the blood-tax of 7 male and 7 female children from Athens to be given to him as food, is an example. This reptilian was killed in the Cretan Labyrinth by the Athenian hero Theseus.

We must eliminate the old alienations that are relevant to past tyrannies and choose to  :

To be: Becoming truly self-confident and free to unconditionally be responsible for one's self, without being coerced to accept some higher authority.

To have :
Responsible freedom of self-determination 

I copy paste here a list of spiritual beliefs from a Blog that I follow:

 A further  system of concepts or spiritual beliefs and principles closer to truth, and appropriate for a better evolution of the human existence would be the next.

1) Those referring to , the physical reality, and cosmology.

1.1) The universe was not created by a Big Bang 13-14 billion years ago. It is by far more reasonable and probable that there is a  swirl motion of galaxies and stars that increases and decreases the world entropy  periodically , and that it may not be improbable that the universes age is about 21 trillion years, as many galactic civilization 3-4 thousand years more advanced that us, believe. 
For the periodic motion see e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKtevjrZOGs

1.2) The physical reality is not exhausted by the matter that we know , which is  made from protons neutrons and electrons (the only permanent and  free particles, anti-matter not included). On the contrary there are many more similar layers of matter , made from such triads of smaller free and permanent particles. Each such  layer having a frequency. Therefore although  the layer of matter that we know (made from protons neutron electrons, and which is only one frequency of material reality) may have an age of 21 billion years (as as many galactic civilization 3-4 thousand years, more advanced than us believe) the universe as a whole, having more such frequencies-layers, should be older. The advanced civilizations in the galaxy report at least 10 such material physical frequencies-layers. The last one the 10th created recently during the 90s. The next (second) frequency-layer material reality after the one that we know, has sometimes being called aether in the history of the human civilization. The term frequency, in the matter we know, refers to the average frequency of the spin of protons, neutrons, and electrons or to be more sophisticated to the Compton-DeBroglie frequency of the basic free permanent particles like the electron. This density physical reality and all its protons, neutrons and electrons was not created by any big bang but it  was created simultaneously by an emanating frequency in higher density realities from the Black Holes.
(For the numbering of the frequencies of physical material realities see post 3) 

1.3) The interior of the earth is not full completely from magma and high temperature matter. It does hold that from the center and till the 2/3 of the radius of earth it is hollow with inner atmosphere  and it has a sun-like gaseous fiery ball at the center. In order to understand this we should have more advanced scientific theory of gravitation than the one we have. This fact of hollow planet, holds for almost all planets and stars in the galaxies.

 Here is an 3D animation video, which gives the above assumed concept (in the video the width of the shell is shown half of what mentioned here)


2) Those referring to the history and creation of life, and civilizations, among the galaxies, and and also history and creation of life on earth, and earthly civilizations.

2.1)  Life and civilizations exist  elsewhere too, on planets of other solar systems of  the galaxies, as they exists on earth on the known material reality (and frequency) . But they exist also in higher frequencies or layers of material realities, both in our solar system (e.g. higher 3rd frequency (aetherial) invisible satellites of planet Jupiter) as well as in other solar systems.  Each living planet can hold as tonal frequency,  one only frequency. There are 4 types of living biospheres (in our known 1st frequency physical reality) of planets among the galaxies. 1) that of  hydrogen H2 , the most common 2) that of ammonia NH3 3) that of methane CH4 4) that of oxygen O2, the most rare and complicated. Most of the living biosphere , with their plants and animals, where transplanted from other biospheres. It is believed that the Founders (a civilization or group of existences) were the first to create living biospheres, and by now they have withdrawn to higher frequencies and spheres of realities. 

2.2) The intelligent civilizations in the local area of  galaxies make alliances and groups according to their common values, power, DNA lineage etc. 

2.3) Our earthly human mammal civilization (called by us Homo-Sapiens) is not a pure indigenous earthly specie of humanoids, but it started coming  on earth  as colonizers or refugees from other solar systems in the galaxy. This may have happened even up to 50 millions of years ago, but as easily proven fact, reported from other galactic civilizations give, it has happened at least  700 thousand years ago. 

2.4 ) It is not the first time (as DNA lineage) that we evolve at our current civilization level. We were more advanced  in the past on this planet.  E.g. the stories of Lemuria and Atlantis till 31 and 27 thousand years B.C respectively. 

2.5) Coinciding with the creation of the new 10th frequency cosmic physical material layer during the 90s, it became widely known among the civilizations of the galaxies, that all life and planetary civilizations at the known 1st frequency material layers (like earth) will eventually "jump" in frequency or migrate to the 2nd or higher frequency material layers (aetherial) , as whole planetary worlds. The 1st frequency physical material layer all over the world   will no longer serve as a layer to host consciousness anymore throughout  out the galaxies.  Therefore as this, also, will be the way our planetary world will evolve, it is imperative to know more about life and civilizations in higher frequencies. E.g. it is reported that the human beings in 3rd frequency living planetary worlds, no longer need to feed themselves with other life-forms, but take their energy from their sun. And it is also reported that already the planet Jupiter, that we know it as planet in the 1st frequency material reality, it is a blue sun, in the 3rd frequency (aethereal)  material reality and it has satellite , with living and advanced human civilization (in the 3rd frequency, or 2nd aether, or 5th density physical reality) 

For more on these see e.g.http://galacticlife.blogspot.gr/2012/01/1-our-galactic-origin.html

3) Those referring to the how a society and civilization must or can function, beliefs about money, power, fame, and human rights.

3.1) The more advanced is a civilization the less the inequalities of technology, living standards and political power of humans in the same frequency physical reality. Nevertheless a civilization can exist inn 3 or 4 consecutive frequencies physical realities (aethereal)  not only in one (as we know it on earth).  The more advanced a civilization, the faster it evolves, and shifts from frequency to higher frequency. 

3.2) The current economic inequalities are  less   than 20% a reflection of the meritocracy of the having ones versus the non-having ones, and more than 80% a result of the law of activities "money attracts more money". In other words, economic inequalities, it is one of the basic properties of money and the "free-market"  game of private property.  Economic inequalities do apply automatically a deadly, negative , massive scale, destructive will, in the population, unless there is an effort to reduce and eliminate them.

3.3) Therefore a new basic human right is needed, that of minimum guaranteed standards of living (or minimum guaranteed unconditional income) ,either if he/she works or not , and at all ages, which includes health, food, cloths, house, transportation.

3.4) Eventually a planetary civilization will not function by utilizing money and private property. But as long as it does in its early stages of evolution, the currency should be eventually issued only the  public state, and should circulate in the society mainly without debt. (In other words eventually without a banking system). In addition the right of the capital, to buy whole companies, and their human resources power, or the human working time, it is  a form of partial and indirect slavery, and it will be abandoned, as the civilization advances. Survival of the individual by making a living through selling his/her working-time, will have to be abandoned,  as the mode of social life of the individual, as the civilization becomes more evolved. But all changes follow not by direct external social forced revolutions, but only after sufficient evolution of the souls of the individuals and the collective, so that the responsibility of the common good is active in each one, and not manipulated by a minority of usurpers of it (Governments, political parties, oligarchy,etc as e.g. in the ex Soviet Union)

3.5) As a civilization advances, it abandons the carnivorous habits and turns in to vegetarian habits. 

3.6) The social and personal success of a human being is more about realizing the intent of the soul and advancing the inner perception, and less about acquiring by itself, material possessions, or social power etc. 

3.7) When a civilization is sufficiently advanced, all the communication between the individuals is through voiceless telepathic spiritual ability, of communicating 3-dimensional inner holographic pictures between each other, in a intuitive way.  Therefore our internet is a gross technological external early reflection of this future collective spiritual ability. This spiritual ability increases equality among people, and creates a non-hierarchical, in the political will, society.

4) These referring to the human existence, its evolution , values and abilities 

4.1) It is  true that in the very existence of any single human being, there is the ability of miracles. It is not only that the God, or God's invocation that could make miracles. But this ability of miracles , as creative power, of the human beings, in this planet and its civilizations, has being blocked by a collective system of beliefs, relevant to the history of the particular planet and current civilization.

4.2) The human beings as souls, are magnificent and glorious immortal existences and perceivers. Souls are incarnated and reincarnated in mortal physical (of various level frequencies) human bodies. Most earthly humans have been before incarnated, in the past, in other civilizations, of other solar systems, some more times repeatedly in this planet, and some in higher frequencies material realities of other solar systems. The more advanced a civilization is, the  happier and healthier are its members, and the higher the frequency of their physical bodies. The higher the frequency in their bodies, the more love and joy  is felt , expressed , practiced and experienced, and  the more the human existence takes responsibility of its fate and way of existence , and also the more the freedom and the higher the creative powers. In addition the higher their physical  frequency, the longer the life of the human beings. 

4.3) Given that the current earthly civilization, is an emerging yet, of not very high degree of evolution, while the incarnated human existences may be, by far more experienced and advanced, it is the civilization's values and principles that must evolve and fit to the deeper values and principles of the immortal human existence, and not the opposite.

After thinking and pondering on the 6 or 16 fundamental concepts above, understanding and following the videos below is much more straightforward.
It is worth doing.

1) The Intervention Theory by Lloyd Pye 


2) NASA on types of aliens
Official announcement by NASA: 58 types of aliens, 11 act on earth, only 2 benevolent.
Types of aliens:
The next video describe some types of aliens rather  relevant  to earthly events:

human mammal type (from Lyra, Arcturos, Pleiades, Ceti, Centaurs etc)
3)http://www.youtube.com/user/AgentJoannaDark#p/a/u/1/N-9xai73_n8reptilians (from orion, dracon etc)

Probably the best source so far are the reports by Alex Collier of information as taught to him by the Andromeda civilization (the Blues).

The Alex Collier Blogspot 


his book


12) http://www.exopoliticsjournal.com/ 

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